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Eli Racin                                                      


Address: 19 Matityahu Shoam St, Tel-Aviv 69359, Israel

Phone: +972 3 6038106

Fax: +972 3 6038097

Cell: +972 544 735341

State Security Experience:

Israeli Security Agency (ISA):

Security officer for El-Al (National Air Line Co.);

Serving as a Security Officer in different countries for ISA;

Serving as an Security Officer in a special unite of ISA, designated to protect Ports' and port facilities, passengers' ships and cargo ships, air terminals and aircrafts, embassies, critical infrastructures, state buildings and facilities etc.

Business Experience:

Law Practice – Member of the Israel Bar Association - managing a law practice.

Deloitte M.A.1 Partner – establishing and leading the Physical Security practice in Deloitte globally.

Managing Director of several Industrial Companies operating in domestic market and in international markets.

Trade, marketing and distribution – in domestic and international markets.

Import–Export – Representing (Agencies) of international companies.

Current Position:

Co CEO: MA1 International Security Ltd.

Eli co-founded MA1, leading the Security Division and the physical security risk management and consultancy services.

Eli leads the operational and infrastructure security advisory services and operational BCM, advising on practical resilience, survivability and protection of people, assets, businesses and authorities, supply chain security, compliance to international related Maritime and Port security regulations (AEO, C-TPAT, ISPS, etc.), assessments and reviews of ISPS Code and International Maritime Initiatives and Regulation implementation processes and maintenance of capabilities to assure certification validity.

Eli leads the MA1 team that advise on real time crises management, emergency first response, command, control and communication, VIP security, security plans, security deployment, exercises and training.

Eli has ample physical security hands-on experience acquired in his many years at the ISA and in private security businesses as well as in MA1 practice.

Among Eli's recent security projects there are several Highly Crowded Events (HCE) security and safety projects where Eli personally delivered consultancies, educational and training workshops in regard security and safety preparation for Mega Events. In his HCE projects Eli and his expert security team reviewed and defined the security system architecture, spec and deployment and recommended, according to structured economical perspectives and guidelines, on the best appropriate cost effective security and safety services, tools, technologies, process, procedures, routine activities, command and control spec, communications, event management supporting tools and software, etc.

Recent responsibilities, quals and projects  :

  • Managing and consulting of risk assessment for the Israeli Social Security Authority – the risks of the Kasham Rockets at the Southern region of Israel (next to the Gaza Strip);
  • Security consulting cash in transit company – operations and tactics;

  • Managing and consulting on instructions of the Israeli Social Security security staff and management;

  • Managing and consulting of training and instruction of VIP Protection courses for different clients from Europe;

  • Conduct of seminar on Aviation Security and physical security in Civilian Surroundings in Moscow:

  • Participating in different work-shops in Europe, responsible for Physical security topics and aspects;

  • Presenting in Port Security conference on port security and ISPS Code and regulations, Rotterdam Port Holland;

  • Formulate special security questioners as basis for Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks Assessment of infrastructures in the South America region;

  • Conduct of terror risk assessment for a large Dutch railways and train companies – scenario planning, security measures, consulting on trainings and qualification of security staff and management, advising on technologies, drills and exercises;

  • Review of security deployment of a big scale pop concert in Holland - PinkPop (more than 50 thousand spectators);

  • Recently participated in preparing a Field and Terrain File and the Risk Map of an HCE (Highly Crowded Event) for the city of Langlauf in Holland for the 2006 PinkPop Festival (more than 60000 people expected this year);

  • Anti-Terror Financing compliance review project at abroad subsidiaries for one of the Israeli major leading bank;

  • Security risk assessment and compliance review for J&J, on an Israeli company bought by J&J. The project was executed while using the unique approach and methodology of converging the physical security aspects and the logical security aspects;

  • Physical and Logical Security Risk Assessment and planning of Security Architecture and Security Plan appropriate for an international trading enterprise, including recommendation on the appropriate communication and security technologies to serve best the commercial targets of the company, security of the VIPs and key risk persons (KRP);

  • Security, safety and operational BCM project for the Belgium State Rails Company, in regard to critical infrastructure. Recommendation of deployment, security and safety technologies, emergency planning and training;

  • Managing and consulting in several bank security projects in Europe and Israel;

  • Part of the managing team, consulting FIFA Germany for the 2006 World Cup. Security of Hamburg Arena and vicinity and the city's public viewing locations.

  • Security, safety and emergency plans audit and review for the Tour de France in Holland. Scan of the security and safety plans, training, deployment and supporting technologies and systems. Recommendation had been suggested as to allow enhanced security to the event that brought more than 500 thousands to small region in the south of Holland;

  • Managing partner MA1 international security Academy. MA1 International Security Academy provides high level professional security and safety courses and training to the security industry in Israel and abroad. The school provides security courses and trainings to leading security companies, Israeli Security Authorities, Israeli Public Transportation companies, border checkpoints security officers, Port security officers, etc.;

  • Instruction course and training of Military VIP team for one of African state designated to safe guard and protect the chief of command and prime minister;

  • Among other services MA1 Academy provides consultancies on maritime security and ISPS Code compliance and implementation, port security officers' courses and training and periodical maintain capabilities training. In addition MA1 Academy conduct and supervise exercises and drills in Haifa Port, Israel, according to ISPS code and other local and international regulations;


LL.B - Graduate of Law School, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Industrial Engineering studies - Thechnion Institute of Science, Haifa, Israel.

Economics studies – Tel-Aviv University, Israel.


Hebrew - Native speaker 

English – Excellent

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