IT Security - The Physical Security Aspects

Information Security - The Physical Security Aspects

In-case of unlimited budget – we can architecture & implement the best cyber

mitigating, preventive tools & technologies to foil attacks

More than 80% of the IT security incidents happen by employee within the organization

Securing the IT Infrastructure

Mapping the wireless & fixed lines – physical connection boxes, routers, antennas etc.

Accessibility, level of protection, preventive measures – underground & above-ground lines

Deployment, system & service resilience

Supervise and monitor supplier’s HR credibility

External power-supply devices, fuel, constant mechanical & technical support

Accessibility, protection & security of power supply & fuel

Security of Server Hub

Define location/s & accessibility

External protection measures – define & implement

24/7 security & 24/7 monitoring (guards, cameras, lighting system, fences, sensors, access
control, bio-metric identification reader, etc.)

Internal security & monitoring – implement security and safety notification systems

Periodic employee & service providers credibility checks

Emergency Management

Define management hierarchy- one captain one ship

Define exceptional events, ways and modes of actions, report, learning lessons, implementations

Analyze, assess possible scenarios – prepare & exercise - action plans

Accomplish operational diary

Operational area file & emergency plans

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