BCM/ DR - המשכיות עסקית 
"Fate favors the prepared” (Louis Pasteur)

The everyday business routine in your enterprise could change out of the blue. Natural disasters, Organized crime, epidemics or terrorist activities could bring utter chaos and a significant threat to the continuity of your enterprise.
Preparing beforehand for these types of scenarios will enable you to minimize threats and their implications on your enterprise, this preparation will enable you gain a relative advantage over your competitors.
The development of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a significant component of corporate governance. In many cases organizations that are not prepared to manage the recovery from these events find that amongst other things their value and market share are negatively affected in the aftermath of a poorly managed recovery from an event.


Why invest in preparedness?

A state of emergency could bring an organization to a point in which its ongoing existence may be at risk due to severe damage caused to the usability of physical infrastructure, break down in the supply chain, loss of critical human resources and difficulties with cash flows.

Beyond the issue of the physical existence, the organization needs to address the issues of customers and suppliers' confidence as part of the "day after" readiness.

Due to the severe implications that the state of emergency may have on an organization, the importance of preparing the organization for various disasters is as important as the everyday management issues of the organization.

An organization that would prepare beforehand to handle extreme events will allow itself a short recovery time and will minimize the financial damages that may result from such an event.
When disaster strikes, only those who had prepared in
Advance and had implemented a readiness plan could perform and ensure the ongoing activity of their organization.

We, at MA1, can assist your organization prepare appropriately and enable fast and effective response to various emergency scenarios through preliminary planning, setting of procedures, training and preparation of the appropriate means.

MA1 provides consulting services in a wide range of security and operations aspects using extensive worldwide knowledge. As part of the services that are provided by our group, we are using a proprietary model that meticulously examines various performance and risk variables. 

What can we do?

This model has undergone the feasibility test, is highly adaptive and has proven itself as a viable option to every organization, private or public.

To better prepare your organization to deal with a variety of extreme events in a fast and effective manner, we offer you assistance by addressing these issues:

• Declaration of emergency roles
• Assigning critical processes
• Training and knowledge retention
• System resilience
• Preserving and protecting human life

These issues are addressed by:

• A "kickoff" process: develop Business Continuity Policy.
• A Risk Analysis and risk profile identification .
• Business Impact Analyses.
• Presenting a Recovery Strategy and detailed work plan to implement.
• Managing ongoing event preparation
• Event management
• Short term and long term event recovery and response plans
• Improving resilience and organizational survival
• Long term business continuity

Our service approach

There are several basic principles we learned while performing our service:

• Clear definition of vital issues
• Understanding the limited resources at hand and optimizing the response accordingly
• Human capital is the key to every project

• Knowledge and experience are vital for achieving the best results
• Safety and security are based on identification, prevention and preparedness to an event.
• Cooperating with relevant internal and external entities
• Checkups and field drills
• Procedure compliance at both routine periods and under emergencies
• Ongoing assessment of all employees readiness and familiarity with relevant equipment
and policies


MA1 team of experts have performed BCM projects and supported companies and organizations in assessing risks and current situation, analyzing, training and testing their preparedness capabilities, routine and emergency procedures, etc. They have done it for public sector organizations and companies, financial industry, infrastructures, food and dairy industry, consulting companies, manufacturing companies, credit services providers and more.

MA1 International Security Ltd also holds a global alliance with BCP/DRP well known experts:

resilium consulting


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