International Security
M.A.1 provides comprehensive infrastructure and operational security consulting services for private and national institutes and authorities worldwide, including national strategic infrastructures, public transportation, air lines, airports, seaports, ships, supply chains, logistic systems, oil and gas infrastructures, nuclear infrastructures, boarder passes, hazardous substances facilities and other vulnerable systems.

We are highly specialized in assisting organization in dealing with the ever-evolving threats of global terrorism, organized crime and civil unrest.

We offer a unique combination of leaders in professional services as well as a group of multinational top-level experts with demonstrated experience in the field of security operations - providing a full range of services and capabilities backed by experienced staff and supporting methodologies.

What can we offer you?

Our knowledge base and experience comes from years of performing services in the following areas:

• Security Policy
• CSO Role - Definition and Duties
• Security Budget - allocation according prioritized risks  
• Security Surveys and Risk Assessments
• Establishing/upgrading security systems
• Gap Analysis
• Physical & Logical security convergence/ integration 
• Security Plans & Procedures
• Protection Measures
• Security training and instruction services
• Security professional courses at our MA1 Security Academy
• Security Awareness, Exercises & Drills   
• Supervision of implementation
• Audit compliance of current regulation
• Advising on security technology systems
• Anti-terror instructions and training
• Anti-terror funding 
• Logistics and Supply Chain security
• Fraud investigation & Loss prevention
• IT Security and Physical security of IT environment
• BCM – Business Continuity Management
• Emergency Preparedness & First Response
• Crisis Management
• Command & Control    

Our Experience

Our team and managers are industry experts and top-level veterans of the Israeli Security Agencies (ISA) and Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Special Forces Units and have ample international experience in security and intelligence.

During their long service in the ISA, the team established and conducted security operations in Israel and internationally, for private and national entities, in the fields of maritime and aviation security, VIP protection and security of embassies and other institutions.

Moreover, MA1’s professionals actively participate in committees and meetings, at national and regional levels, regarding crisis analysis and war games, and are responsible for advising on how to confront and handle various emergency incidents such as terrorist attacks, biochemical threats and other emergency scenarios.

MA1’s team members were engaged in Public and Privet sectors security projects: Highly Crowded Events (HCE) such as the Athens Olympic Games, PinkPop Festival, 2006 FIFA World Cup, 2006 Tour de France, OLS event, critical infrastructures, public bus companies, energy grids and power plants, airports and airlines, cargo, seaports, banks and financial institutions, shopping centers and industrial sites, VIP protection, railways and trains, underground networks, security trainings and more.    

The Security Circles

At the core of MA1’s security perception is the concept of multi-dimensional dynamic Security Circles, comprising of:

• Intelligence Circles: comprises of all information collecting agencies and the cooperation between them and the organization’s intelligence circle.

• Alert and Prevention Circles: based on ground and above ground air-patrols, permanent and mobile observation and barriers and warning instruments aimed at deterrence, detection and alert in case of potential threats.
• Damage minimization: protective security preparation, to reduce loss of life.

• Response and Prevention Circles: this last circle(s) come(s) into action should the other circle(s) fail. It comprises trained and properly equipped security guards, trained units and other special forces, attempting to prevent the

Our Philosophy & Approach

Throughout our work we use approaches and methodologies that are based on several underlining principals:

• Clear definition of what is essential vs. what is not.
• Understanding that enterprise resources are limited and must be managed and optimized  
   with regards to the desired risk profile.
• Human capital is the base of all security endeavors.
• Cumulative knowledge, experience and know-how are crucial for achieving best results.
• Good security is based on detection, prevention, good preparation and the optimal
   response to events derived from both external threats and internal weaknesses.
• Partnering and accompanying internal and external processes with relevant personnel
• On-site examination, trainings and drills
• Accompanying security personnel on duties 
• Examination of compliance with procedures during routine and emergencies.
• Examination of compliance with procedures regarding information sharing between the
   various entities.
• Assessment of staff familiarity with the various types of equipment and their effective


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