Railways and Trains Security

MA1 experts hold hands-on Railroads and Trains unique security experience from working in State Security Agencies and by providing Rails security projects in Israel and abroad.   

MA1 supports and provides consultancy and tailored training services to state held Railroad and Train organizations and companies.  


Key Railway Assets and How to protect them (partial list):


Passenger and freight stations: perimeter security, security checks at entry points, patrols, chemical and biological weapon detection, employee security check-ups, security awareness training for employees.

Railway tracks: "smart” fences, ground and over-ground emergency access routes, observations, patrols, on-train security personnel, planning of hazardous materials transport routes and times.

Railway Tunnels: detection technology for chemical and biological weapons, CCTV cameras, security of airways and access routes, trained security unit and regular drills.

Railway Control Center: restricted entry zone, physical security, employee security check-ups, emergency procedures, panic buttons, train control take-over capabilities, alternative control center in emergency cases.

Power supply and maintenance areas: perimeter security, vehicle and person entry monitoring systems (use of RFID technology).

Suppliers and customers: security screening, security awareness training, periodic drills.


Case Study



Following three terrorist-related explosions on a main railway line within a three months period, Railways security has begun conducting daily early-morning patrols along the line, prior to opening the line for train transport. These daily patrols have succeeded in deterring any terrorist activity along this line.



Imposing regular security patrols, check-ups, as well as passenger and luggage screening at stations have created deterrence for terrorists which prevented attacks from taking place.


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