Instruction and Training @ MA1 Security Academy


About the school:

M.A.1 – specializing in building and training of – anti–terror units, transportation security units, high risk environment combat methods, air-marshals agents and more.

M.A.1 - dignitary protection division specialized in training & building dignitary protection units world wide.

The M.A.1 SECURITY ANTI-TERROR AND COMBAT SCHOOL is the biggest and most comprehensive in Israel combining all training, studying & residence in one place located in the center of Israel.

M.A.1 SPECIAL PROJECTS DIVISION - specializing in training and building security units and security programs for secure facilities, mass events and special operation projects.

M.A.1 have an holistic approach and solution for all kinds of training programs under one roof - combining the provision of best instructors & facilities for any level of training.

M.A.1 provides its training according and in full compliance with Israeli Defense Ministry provisions and regulations and is recognized as a security and anti-terror professional trustworthy training provider.

M.A.1 is a Certified Supplier to the Israeli Defense Ministry.
1. Our Facilities:

Located in the center of Israel. It is the most advanced training facility in Israel for security, anti terror and combat training. The state of the art facilities were planned to provide the best supporting services to the trainers and trainees all under one roof.

Our facilities include:

• Firing ranges.
• Out door Paintball tactical training facility.
• Gym & martial arts studios.
• Accommodation facilities for 100 people. (Number can be extended). 
• Classes for courses and lectures.
• Firearms and protection equipment for all training & courses.
• Cafeteria & dining rooms.
• Seats for viewers on each firing range.
• Ability to specify each facility for any specific kind of training.
• Special environment training areas such as – mountain area, desert area etc.

2. Our instructors:

All of our instructors are veterans of the IDF Special Forces, Israel Security Agency (I.S.A.) and Anti-Terror Units with many years of proven experience in Operations and Instruction of Training.

Detailed CVs will be provided upon requested services.

3. Our Programs and Services:

a. Training (partial list):

•  General Security Agent training course
•  Security Guard for facilities training course
•  Public Transportation Security Agent Course
•  Air Marshall and  Maritime Security Course
•  VIP Protection Course
•  Interrogators Course
•  Emergency Responders Course (First Aid)
•  Hand to Hand Combat, CQB and "Krav Maga" Course
•  Tactical Driving Course
•  Anti-Terror Combating Course
•  Sharp Shooting Instructors Course
•  Firearms Instructors Course
•  Tactical Operators Course – Level 1,2 and 3
•  "Krav Maga" Instructors Course
•  Sniper Course
•  Self Defense Course for Men and Women
•  Security Officers Course
•  TSA Personnel Training Course
•  X-Ray Machines Operation Course
•  Covert Security Agents Course
•  Intelligence Course

b. Consulting in the following fields (partial list):

• Security Technologies and Technical Solutions
• Weapons and Firearms
• Body and Vehicle Armor
• Providing Security Surveys to governmental and private facilities (airports, seaports, 
  refineries, banks, shopping malls etc…)
• Blast protection
• Emergency Preparedness
• Creation of Security plans, procedures, training and supervision of implementation for
  governmental, private facilities, Airport, Seaports etc…

c. Establishment of the following type of security/combat units (partial list):

• Official V.I.P protection units
• Anti-Terror, E.S.U, S.W.A.T and C.E.R.T. units
• Crisis-Negotiation Teams
• Airport and Seaport Security Departments
• Various Civil and Governmental security apparatuses

Contact details:
M.A.1 International Security Ltd.
Offices: +972 3 6038106
Fax:      +972 3 6038097
Mobile: +972 52 4888884 , +972 54 4735341;