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Nathan Vardi


Adress: 19 Matitiahu Shoam St., Tel-Aviv 69359, Israel

Tel: +972 3 6038106

Fax: +972 3 6038097

Cell: +972 52 4888884

Current Position:  

Co CEO: MA1 International Security Ltd.

Recent responsibilities, quals and projects:

Retired from 29 years of service in ISA and the Prime Minister's Office in various instructional, field and staff functions.

  • In my last function I developed and led the operations of securing and protecting installations and events in various world's regions and countries. As part of my responsibilities for the security and safety of the numerous communities and installations, I developed and established methodologies and practical implementation, tactics, emergency preparedness processes and procedures, business and operation continuity planning, security deployment plans, first response and evacuation plans for large scale communities and organizations. In these projects I was responsible for the security personnel training syllabus, instruction materials, delivery of the first course and the on-going refreshment and maintain capability training.
  • Architected the security plans and provided deployment of security staff, devices, technologies and procedures and defined the spec of the appropriate needed security and safety services, tools and supporting technologies. In addition I planned scenarios and conducted trainings, drills, simulated crises exercises and audit of crises management and first response operations and evacuation procedures.
  • In my past I worked for ISA and served as a CSO in an Israeli embassy. Part of my job was to provision of security audits and security risk assessments to official state sites and international operations, training and conduct/supervision of large scale exercises and field operations.
  • I recently provided a BCM audit to one of the Israeli banks as part of the internal audit.
  • I provided physical and information security and BCM operation and audit to a global Hi-Tec production company that ships its goods to international markets and its global logistical hubs. That included prevention of IP and information leakage and theft, anti- industrial espionage, 3rd parties' security and controls.
  • Security audit of biggest food producing company in Israel. All main industrial sites and corporate offices sites had been reviewed for physical and information security gap identification. A review of the security organizational structure and on-ground deployment, security policy, procedures and security plans, security measures and protection technologies, training, had been performed. The deliverables – gap analysis, a new organizational and rebuild plan of security division that included list of needed procedures, training, defence and security technologies and measures upgrade plan.
  • I recently provided CSO supporting consultancy services to a global firm and provided various security procedures to be followed in routine and emergencies, plan of supporting security and safety technology tools and systems.
  • l recently supervised an emergency simulated exercise in one of the local municipalities in Israel and provided his report in regard the conduct of the exercise


B.A in political science and International Relations, Bar-Ilan University

Advanced Management Course, Prime Minister's Office.

Marketing, School of Business Management, Tel Aviv University

Advanced work-related professional courses – Prime Minister's Office


Hebrew – Native speaker 

English – Very good

Spanish – Good speaking ability







































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